Live Like You’re on Vacation

Live Like You’re on Vacation

Start Your Day Off Right

How the morning starts will set the tone for the whole day, so be mindful. Set your alarm a little earlier so you don’t have to rush. I know it can be hard to get out of bed but once you get in the habit you will be thankful. Give yourself time to sip your coffee and eat breakfast, maybe have some unexpected morning sex or take the dog for a walk. Do something that has you enjoying your morning just like you would if you were vacationing.

Rock Out

Every time you get it your car it should feel like a road trip…because technically it is. Make a playlist of your favorite road-trip-feel-good vacation songs and play them loud. Sing along and play the drums on your steering wheel. Rock out in your car, even if it’s only a 15-minute car ride.


Okay so maybe you aren’t in some exotic country but I’m sure there is something you have yet to discover in your town or close to it. Get out there. Get lost, go find some new restaurants or music venues, clubs, a different beach or unexplored hiking trails. Don’t get stuck doing the same thing over and over again. Think outside the box and go for an adventure in your town.

Eat Like a King

Usually when we are vacationing we eat out all the time. I’m not saying to do that when you’re at home by any means.  But I would encourage you to go out once a week and try a different restaurant each time. That way you always get a chance to try something new, meet new people and have something to look forward to. Break the rules and indulge a little…it won’t kill you.

Change Your State of Mind

Living like you are on vacation really starts with your state of mind. You have to find the enjoyment in the small things, like that first sip of coffee, lighting your favorite Akcent House Candle, having your car windows rolled down on a beautiful day, or standing at the edge of a cliff looking out at the ocean and realizing that all your “stuff” really isn’t that big of deal after all. Being on vacation brings us joy and freedom. The only thing that keeps you from feeling that way in your everyday life is you. Everything you do can bring you joy and freedom, even your job and if it doesn’t……


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